Obesity and the link to health benefit plan cost drivers

Obesity is a complex chronic disease, characterized by excessive body fat, that impairs health

Obesity and the link to health benefit plan cost drivers

Obesity affects a staggering number of Canadians and is a health condition that should be taken seriously. With so many people impacted, the need for supportive/evidence-based health plans catered to help employees living with obesity is paramount. So, what can be done about this pressing issue?

This comprehensive infographic breaks down the key points advisors should know about obesity, the negative side health effects associated with obesity, and constructive ways to support those living with obesity in the workplace.

The infographic covers:

  • Tackling obesity – Uncover the importance of including obesity medication and support in health benefit plans
  • Obesity’s impact on health benefit expenditures – Explore the alarming correlation between obesity and elevated costs within health benefit plans
  • How to nurture healthy and supportive work environments – Equip leadership with actionable steps to create inclusive and supportive workplaces

If you want to create a strong workforce, you need your workers healthy both physically and mentally. To learn more about integrating obesity into your health plan, check out the full infographic here.