SRI/ESG Directory

Contact: Janick Boudreau, CFA,Executive Vice President, Business Development and Client Partnerships
Address: 800 Rene-Levesque Blvd. W., Ste. 275, Montreal. QC, H3B 1X9
PH: 514.908.1989
Fax: 514.287.7200
Email: [email protected]
ESG/SRI Products/Services: Integrated ESG research for all asset classes, Impact Investing, Fossil Fuel Free Global Equity, Climate Transition Canadian and International Equity, Eco-Social Commercial Mortgages, Client- directed SRI screens
Year SRI Products or Services First Offered: 1992
Philosophy/Style: At Addenda Capital, we consider environmental, social, and governance (ESG) matters in all of our investment and stewardship activities. Our objective is to enhance long-term investment performance for our clients and promote sustainable development for society.

Contact: Wendy Brodkin, Managing Director
Address: 200 Bay Street, North Tower 12th floor, Toronto, ON, M5J 2J2
PH: 647.375.2803
Email: [email protected]
ESG/SRI Products/Services: Sustainable platform, responsible+ strategies, impact strategies. AllianceBernstein seeks to integrate financially material ESG factors into most of our actively managed strategies. We also offer three types of Portfolios with Purpose. These strategies, in addition to their financial return/risk objectives, integrate one or more ESG objectives/ approaches into their day-to-day management. Year SRI Products or Services First Offered: AllianceBernstein has long integrated ESG factors into our research and investment processes, even before we became a PRI signatory in 2011. We integrate material ESG and climate change factors at applicable steps of the investment process for most of our actively managed strategies. AB began offering dedicated ESG products when we launched our first Portfolio with Purpose in 2013.
Number of ESG/SRI Canadian Pension Fund Clients: 20
Philosophy/Style: Responsible investing is a way we seek to unlock opportunity for our clients. We integrate material ESG factors into our investment process for most actively managed strategies. We design portfolios with purpose to achieve financial objectives with dedicated ESG themes.

Contact: Jonathan Lapointe, Vice President, Business Development, Partner
Address: 1800 McGill College, Suite 2420, Montreal, QC, H3A 3J6
PH: 514.861.3493
Email: [email protected]
ESG/SRI Products/Services: Pooled Funds: AlphaFixe ESG Fund – Green Bonds, AlphaFixe ESG Fund – ReturnPlus, AlphaFixe ESG Fund – Floating Rate Bank Loans, AlphaFixe ESG Fund – Short Term Credit, AlphaFixe ESG Fund – Short Term Corporate Opportunities. Exchange-Traded Funds: NSCB, NSCC, NSSB. Mutual Funds: NBC5452, NBC5752, NBC5457, NBC5757. AlphaFixe manages many segregated impact bond mandates for its clients. Moreover, all strategies managed by AlphaFixe integrate ESG risks, and portfolio managers engage with issuers on broad ESG topics, including energy transition opportunities.
Year SRI Products or Services First Offered: ESG: Since the creation of the firm in 2008 / Impact: Since 2017
Number of ESG/SRI Canadian Pension Fund Clients: 48
Philosophy/Style: Our overall approach toward responsible investment revolves around the integration of multiple strategies covering all our investment decisions. These strategies include: ESG integration, negative screening, integration of the TCFD recommendations, engagement and collaboration, impact investing, detailed ESG/Impact reporting.

Contact: Tanya Bishop, Senior Vice President
Address: 120 Adelaide St. W, Toronto, ON, M5H 1T1
PH: 647.201.4225
Email: [email protected]
ESG/SRI Products/Services: ESG Advisory: ESG Policy Design, ESG Portfolio Screening & Action plan, ESG Market Standards, ESG Rating Model. ESG Investment Solutions: According to Amundi’s Responsible Investment Policy, according to Clients’ Responsible Investment Policy, Manager selection / Responsible funds.
ESG Services: ESG Reporting, ESG Training, Integrated ESG data solutions & ALTO Sustainability platform. ESG OCIO: Integrated ESG consulting and services with assets under advisory management
Year SRI Products or Services First Offered: 1986
Number of ESG/SRI Canadian Pension Fund Clients: 17 Canadians pension fund clients with ESG-related considerations
Philosophy/Style: As a responsible asset manager, our role is to create long-term sustainable value for our customers and all our stakeholders, taking into account the major challenges facing our world and society.

Contact: Yvonne Davidson, Principal
Address: 1100 – 1 York Street, Toronto, ON, M5J 0B6
PH: 416.681.3414
Email: [email protected]
ESG/SRI Products/Services: BGO Prime Canadian Property Fund
Year SRI Products or Services First Offered: 1983
Number of ESG/SRI Canadian Pension Fund Clients: 78
Philosophy/Style: Core Canadian open-end real estate fund established in 1983 with CAD$7.2 billion of assets. Constructing a diversified portfolio and providing investors a stable income return with an emphasis on sustainable investing.

Contact: Samantha Cleyn, CFA, MBA, Managing Director & Head, Institutional Sales & Service
Address: 100 King Street West, Toronto, ON, M5X 1A1
PH: 514.862.2653
Email: [email protected]
ESG/SRI Products/Services: BMO AM Responsible Global Equity ESG Fund, BMO Sustainable Opportunities Canadian Equity Fund, BMO Sustainable Opportunities Global Equity Fund, BMO Women in Leadership Fund, BMO Balanced ESG ETF (ZESG), BMO ESG Corporate Bond Index ETF (ESGB), BMO MSCI ACWI Paris Aligned Climate Equity Index ETF (ZGRN), BMO MSCI Canada ESG Leaders Index ETF (ESGA)
Year SRI Products or Services First Offered: 1984
Number of ESG/SRI Canadian Pension Fund Clients: 6
Philosophy/Style: We believe that integrating ESG analysis is critical to our fiduciary duty, allowing us to manage risk, as well as supporting long-term returns and a more sustainable future – all in service to our mission to “Boldly Grow the Good.”

Bonnefield Financial Inc.
Contact: Andrea Gruza, Managing Partner
Address: 141 Adelaide Street West, Suite 510, Toronto, ON, M5H 3L5
PH: 416.309.4487
Email: [email protected]
ESG/SRI Products/Services: Bonnefield Canadian Farmland LP V, Bonnefield Canadian Farmland Evergreen LP
Year SRI Products or Services First Offered: 2010
Philosophy/Style: Focused on maintaining farmland for farming, Bonnefield works with leading farmers to support their growth and stability while providing investors exposure to farmland's uncorrelated, low-volatility, attractive risk-adjusted returns. We incorporate key ESG and climate risks and opportunities throughout our investment process.

Contact: Mike Sandrasagra, Vice President, Head of Canadian Institutional Group
Address: 181 Bay Street, Suite 4510, Toronto ON, M5J 2T3
PH: 416.869.8980
Fax: 416.869.1700
Email: [email protected]
ESG/SRI Products/Services: Burgundy Global Equity Foundation Fund, Burgundy EAFE Foundation Fund, Burgundy Emerging Markets Foundation Fund, Burgundy European Foundation Fund, Burgundy Balanced Foundation Fund, Burgundy Foundation Trust Fund, Burgundy Canadian Equity SRI Fund,* Burgundy Global Equity SRI Fund* *Indicates a product available only to private clients.
Year SRI Products or Services First Offered: November 1996
Number of ESG/SRI Canadian Pension Fund Clients: 20 institutional clients
Philosophy/Style: We integrate ESG into our investment approach. Assessing ESG factors helps us make better investment decisions. We seek quality companies led by outstanding business leaders who are acutely aware of all factors, including ESG, that could materially affect their businesses.

Contact: Kevin Martino, Vice President
Address: 181 Bay Street, Suite 3730, Toronto, ON, M5J 2T3
PH: 416.815.2128
Email: [email protected]
ESG/SRI Products/Services: Capital Group manages USD$2.4 trillion as of June 30, 2023 in actively managed equity, fixed income, and multi-asset investment portfolios through funds and segregated accounts worldwide. Our research-driven, long-term investment approach integrates material ESG risks and opportunities – alongside financial and other metrics – into our investment decisions across our strategies. More information on our approach, including our ESG policy, can be found on our Web: en/investments/esg.html
Year SRI Products or Services First Offered: Capital Group continues to review potential opportunities to further strengthen the firm’s ESG offering in light of continued demand for ESG products. These efforts supplement the launch of our first UK OEIC, Capital Group UK – Global High Income Opportunities, on January 18, 2023, which applies ESG and norms-based screening and is managed to a carbon footprint target, as well as our first two SFDR Article 8 fund adoptions, Capital Group New Economy Fund (LUX) and Capital Group Global High Income Opportunities (LUX) and first SFDR Article 8 fund launch, Capital Group Multi- Sector Income Fund (LUX), in 2022.
Philosophy/Style: We integrate ESG acrossinvestment strategies. Consideration of material ESG risks and opportunities is deeply woven into the Capital System and factored into our fundamental research, due diligence, and engagement. Our investment process includes a three-component approach to ESG integration.

Contact: Darren Cartin, Manager
Address: 101-1100 8 Avenue West, Calgary, AB, T2P 3T8
PH: 403.266.2816
Fax: 403.365.9895
Email: [email protected]
ESG/SRI Products/Services: Group Benefits
Year SRI Products or Services First Offered: 1982
Philosophy/Style: Quality services

Carlo DiLalla, CFA, Managing Director and Head, Institutional Asset Management
Address: 161 Bay Street, Suite 2230, Toronto, ON, M5J 2S1
PH: 416.980.276
Email: [email protected]
ESG/SRI Products/Services: Services: Investment management. Products: CIBC Sustainable Canadian Core Plus Bond Fund, CIBC Sustainable Canadian Equity Fund, CIBC Sustainable Global Equity Fund, CIBC Sustainable Balanced Solution, CIBC Sustainable Conservative Balanced Solution, CIBC Sustainable Balanced Growth Solution, CIBC Socially Responsible Balanced Pool
Year SRI Products or Services First Offered: 2011
Philosophy/Style: At CIBC Asset Management, we recognize that we have a responsibility to act in the best interest of our clients when managing their capital. We believe ESG factors create risks and opportunities for investors, and it’s therefore in the best interest of our clients to consider these factors when making an investment decision. Evaluating the sustainability of a company’s business model and its impact on the communities and economies within which it operates is critical in assessing its long-term viability and success. It’s our belief that ESG factors play a critical role in the evaluation of the long-term health and stability of a company. Integrating an evaluation of these ESG factors into our research process plays a fundamental role when assessing the value and performance of an investment over the medium and longer term. We believe that integrating both sustainability and fundamental factors will ultimately enhance the financial performance of investment mandates and improve outcomes for our investors.

Contact: Brent Wilkins, Senior Vice President, Head of Institutional Sales, Canada
Address: 1400–130 King Street West, P.O. Box 240. Toronto, ON M5X 1C9
PH: 416.364.5396
Email: [email protected]
ESG/SRI Products/Services: Global Equity, International Equity, Emerging Markets, Market Neutral, Canadian Fixed Income, Canadian Value, Real Estate, Infrastructure and Commercial Mortgages
Year SRI Products or Services First Offered: 1995
Number of ESG/SRI Canadian Pension Fund Clients: 217
Philosophy/Style: We believe that many ESG factors have a material impact on investment performance across time horizons and asset classes. As such, all investment teams spend significant time researching ESG risks and opportunities and engaging with company management on ESG topics.

: Natalie Bisaillon, Vice President & Chief of Partnerships & Institutional Client Relations
Address: 1, Complexe Desjardins, 20th Floor, South Tower, Montreal, QC, H5B 1B2
PH: 1.877.353.8686
Fax: 514.281.7253
Email: [email protected]
ESG/SRI Products/Services: RI Active Canadian Bond - Low CO2 – ETF, RI Canada - Low CO2 Index – ETF, RI Canada Multifactor - Low CO2 – ETF, RI Developed ex-USA ex-Canada - Low CO2 Index – ETF, RI Developed ex-USA ex-Canada Multifactor - Low CO2 – ETF, RI Emerging Markets - Low CO2 Index - ETF, RI Emerging Markets Multifactor - Low CO2 – ETF, RI Global Multifactor - Fossil Fuel Reserves Free – ETF, RI USA - Low CO2 Index – ETF, RI USA Multifactor - Low CO2 – ETF, Desjardins Societerra US Equity ETF, Desjardins Societerra Canadian Bond Fund, Desjardins Societerra Canadian Equity Fund, Universe Bond Fund, Advisory Mandate RI Canadian Bonds, Advisory Mandate RI Canadian Equity, Advisory Mandate RI Canadian Equity-Ex Fossil Fuel
Year SRI Products or Services First Offered: 1990
Number of ESG/SRI Canadian Pension Fund Clients: 32
Philosophy/Style: At DGAM, responsible investment is key to our management philosophy. We believe responsible investment is consistent with our mandate as portfolio managers, requires action and innovation, means taking a longer-term vision, and involves inspiring and influencing.

Krista McLeod, Head of Client Relations
Address: 1981 McGill College Avenue, Montreal, QC, H3A 0H5
PH: 514.954.3300
Fax: 514.954.9692
Email: [email protected]
ESG/SRI Products/Services: The following link contains the list of ESG labelled products and funds we have available on our Canadian platform: esg-product-overview-chart-en-v4.pdf. Please note, however, that we conduct ESG integration in our non-ESG labelled products as well.
Year SRI Products or Services First Offered: Some of our ethical funds (SRI products) pre-date the creation of Fiera Capital in 2003.
Number of ESG/SRI Canadian Pension Fund Clients: As of June 2023, we have 240 Canadian pension fund clients. We integrate ESG considerations in all of our strategies, but exposure to exclusionary strategies (ethical/SRI and or FFF) may be limited to some of them.
Philosophy/Style: We believe that for ESG factors to be well-integrated within the investment decisions we make, investment teams must be accountable for their ESG integration processes. This belief guides the way our investment teams implement their strategies, conduct materiality assessments, and integrate ESG factors in a manner that best suits their respective asset class, investment style, and geography.

Kimberley Woolverton, Executive Vice President, Head of Distribution
Address: 1 Adelaide Street East, Suite 2600, Toronto, ON, M5C 2V9
PH: 416.848.1936
Fax: 416.367.1183
Email: [email protected]
ESG/SRI Products/Services: In addition to offering one standalone ESG product, the FGP Canadian Ex-Energy Equity strategy, we integrate ESG into all our investment strategies.
Year SRI Products or Services First Offered: 2018
Number of ESG/SRI Canadian Pension Fund Clients: 25
Philosophy/Style: Companies that effectively address ESG issues tend to be more attractive long-term investments. Assessing ESG factors, including actively engaging with company management to encourage and educate them on best practices and policies, has long been a component of our fundamental investment analysis.

Duane Green, President & CEO
Address: 200 King Street West, Suite 1400, Toronto, ON, M5H 3T4
PH: 416.957.6165
Email: [email protected]
ESG/SRI Products/Services: Our various investment teams independently evaluate ESG factors from multiple angles, varied by asset class (Equity, Fixed Income & Alternatives), sub-asset class, regional focus, or individual mandates.
Year SRI Products or Services First Offered: Introduced in 1954, by Sir. John Templeton, the Templeton Growth Fund was our Firm’s first product offering that followed a socially responsible investment criteria
Number of ESG/SRI Canadian Pension Fund Clients: In Canada, we currently have 6 pension plans invested in Sustainable focus mandates.
Philosophy/Style: Each of the Franklin Templeton investment teams has autonomous sustainable investment approaches with dedicated personnel in each asset class, region, and specialism. To leverage the expertise across these teams, a firm-wide Stewardship and Sustainability Council was established to provide a forum for dialogue and sharing of best practices around sustainable investing.

Contact: Robin Lacey, Head of Institutional Asset Management
Address: 199 Bay Street, Suite 2700, Toronto, ON, M5L 1E8
PH: 416.364.8341
Email: [email protected]
ESG/SRI Products/Services: GEM Canadian Equity, GEM Global Equity, GEM Fixed Income, GEM Balanced, Guardian Canadian Equity Carbon Constrained Strategy
Year SRI Products or Services First Offered: 2005
Philosophy/Style: ESG considerations are integrated into all of our investment processes and our stewardship activities, commonly referred to as ESG. Integration and Active Ownership: Our Guardian Ethical Management (GEM) products utilize negative screens in conjunction with NEI’s extensive Active Ownership program.

Harry Marmer, Executive Vice President
Address: 1 First Canadian Place, 100 King Street West, Suite 5900, P.O. Box 477, Toronto, ON, M5X 1E4
PH: 416.913.3907
Fax: 416.913.3901
Email: [email protected]
ESG/SRI Products/Services: Hillsdale offers customized ESG testing, screening, and weighting services for institutional investors within their investment strategies including the following – Global & International Strategies: Global Equity, Global Small Cap, Global Small Cap Ex US, International Small Cap, Hedged Absolute Return; US Strategies: Large and Mid Cap, 130/30, Small Cap, Small Cap Momentum, Micro Cap; Canadian Strategies: All Cap, Momentum ESG, Quality Equity Income, Value Momentum Quality, Low Vol, Small Cap, Micro Cap
Year SRI Products or Services First Offered: 2011
Number of ESG/SRI Canadian Pension Fund Clients: 3
Philosophy/Style: Hillsdale’s philosophy combines the best of fundamental thinking, tested through a proven, rigorous quantitative methodology, with continually evaluated results relative to expectations. We believe that successful investment processes are adaptive in nature, searching for new alpha sources, potential strategy enhancements, and advanced risk-management techniques.

Contact: Mark Fattedad, CFA, Lead, Sustainable Investment Strategy, Senior Institutional PM
Address: Head office: 1010 Sherbrooke St. W., 20th Floor, Montreal, QC, H2A 2R7
PH: 1.800.736.8666
Email: [email protected]
ESG/SRI Products/Services: ESG integration for all strategies and values-based mandates; Fossil Fuel Free Funds: Bond, Canadian Equity, Global Equity, Balanced; JF Sustainable and Impact Bond Fund
Year SRI Products or Services First Offered: 2017
Number of ESG/SRI Canadian Pension Fund Clients: All
Philosophy/Style: A recognized leading ESG investment manager, we integrate material ESG factors into fundamental investment analysis across all our strategies. We believe a company’s ESG policies and track record is a helpful lens through which to gauge quality, furthering our ability to invest in the most sound companies. Our sustainable investing approach includes constructive engagement with investee companies on material ESG issues. This is further reinforced in our proxy voting decision-making, which is fully integrated into our investment process.

David Després, Vice President, Investment Services, Partner
Address: 1800 McGill College Avenue, Suite 2510, Montreal, QC, H3A 3J6
PH: 514.499.1200
Fax: 514.499.0361
Email: [email protected]
ESG/SRI Products/Services: Letko Brosseau ESG Fossil Fuel Free Global Equity Fund, Letko Brosseau ESG Fossil Fuel Free RSP Global Equity Fund, Letko Brosseau ESG Fossil Fuel Free Global Equity Fund (US), Letko Brosseau ESG Canadian Equity Plus Income Fund, Letko Brosseau ESG Fossil Fuel Free Emerging Markets Equity Fund
Year SRI Products or Services First Offered: We have been practicing ESG integration since the firm’s inception in 1987. The composite inception date of our Fossil Fuel Free Global Equity (Canadian Bias) Strategy is June 1, 2020.
Number of ESG/SRI Canadian Pension Fund Clients: 8
Philosophy/Style: At Letko Brosseau, we believe that companies with sound business practices, including strong corporate governance and responsible management of material environmental and social issues, have better success and deliver stronger financial performance over time.

Lisa Meger, ESG Analyst & Portfolio Manager
Address: 400 Burrard St Suite 1500, Vancouver, BC V6C 3A6
PH: 604.683.3391
Email: [email protected]
ESG/SRI Products/Services: Leith Wheeler Carbon Constrained Canadian Equity Fund
Year SRI Products or Services First Offered: 2017
Number of ESG/SRI Canadian Pension Fund Clients: 4
Philosophy/Style: Leith Wheeler follows an ESG Integration approach in the management of all Canadian equity portfolios. Within our Carbon Constrained strategy in particular, we additionally filter out any business that earns >30% of revenues from fossil fuel-related industries.

Wayne Wilson, Vice President
Address: 201 City Centre Drive, Mississauga, L5B 2T4
PH: 905.273.3018
Email: [email protected]
ESG/SRI Products/Services: ESG Mandates – Canadian Equities, Global Equities
Year SRI Products or Services First Offered: 2012
Number of ESG/SRI Canadian Pension Fund Clients: 5
Philosophy/Style: Value Equity portfolios where ESG analysis is integrated into all portfolios in forming of the assessment of the quality and stability of each company’s cash flows. Portfolio construction seeks alignment with globally accepted temperature warming goals, while targeting a consistent higher income with less capital risk. Investments are assessed on policies that mitigate environmental degradation, promote human rights, diversity and inclusion, and good corporate governance.

Manulife Investment Management
Jennifer Lundmark, Head of North America Institutional
Address: 200 Bloor St E, Toronto, ON, M4W1E
Email: [email protected]
ESG/SRI Products/Services: Manulife Investment Management offers a suite of ESG integrated and sustainable products. Beyond ESG integration, we offer thematic products and strategies including Global Climate Equity, Global Climate Fixed Income, Global Climate Balanced, Sustainable Asia Equity and Sustainable Asia Bond. In addition, we manage separate accounts with specific values-based or compliance-driven screening criteria and work with our clients to implement their ESG requirements such as ex-tobacco, fossil free and shariah mandates, among others
Year SRI Products or Services First Offered: Manulife Investment Management formally adopted our ESG policy in 2015 and have been integrating ESG factors since that time
Philosophy/Style: We believe ESG factors contribute to an investment’s overall profile, while managing ESG risks and opportunities has potential for long-term sustainable returns. Integrating ESG analysis into our existing fundamental research processes complements our strengths as an active manager.

Tasos Dimitriou, Manager, Institutional Sales & Relationship Management
Address: 151 Yonge St., Suite 1200, Toronto, ON, M5C 2W7
PH: 416.453.2400
Email: [email protected]
ESG/SRI Products/Services: Fixed Income, Income Equity, North American Equity, Global Equity, Balanced Funds, and Impact Funds. Sustainable Intelligence Consulting services.
Year SRI Products or Services First Offered: 1986
Number of ESG/SRI Canadian pension fund clients: Undisclosed
Philosophy/Style: For NEI, responsible investing seeks to generate sustainable value for investors, shareholders, other company stakeholders and society as a whole by incorporating ESG analysis of company performance into the investment decision-making process.

François Forget, Head of Distribution – Canada
Address: 1000 de la Gauchetière West, Suite 3100, Montreal, Quebec, H3B 4W5
PH: 514.518.8587
Email: [email protected]
ESG/SRI Products/Services: Positive tilt: Absolute Return Fixed Income (ARFI), Asia Equities ex Japan, China Equities, Digital, Emerging Markets, Family, Global, Fixed Income Opportunities, Japanese Equity Opportunities, Premium Brands, Robotics, Security. Best in Class: Emerging Local, Currency Debt, Global Emerging Debt, Positive Change, Sustainable Emerging Debt Blend, Quest – Emerging Sustainable Equities, Quest – European Sustainable Equities, Quest – Global Sustainable Equities. Positive Impact: Biotech, Clean Energy Transition, Climate Government Bonds, Global Environmental Opportunities (GEO), Global Megatrend Selection (GMS), Global Sustainable Credit, Global Thematic Opportunities (GTO), Health, Human, Nutrition, Regeneration, Smart City, Timber, Water. ESG Integrated: all other strategies
Year SRI Products or Services First Offered: 1995
Philosophy/Style: A global leader in environmental and sustainable strategies, responsibility is central to our way of thinking. We systematically integrate ESG in all investment processes and expect issuers to respect planetary boundaries and international standards on governance, human rights, and ethical business practices.

Contact: Hugh Tancred, Head of Distribution, Americas
Address: 10 East 53rd Street, Level 21, New York, NY10022
Email: [email protected]
ESG/SRI Products/Services: Stewart Investors manages Worldwide, Emerging Markets, Asia Pacific, European and Indian Subcontinent equity investment strategies, available as pooled vehicles or segregated mandates. All of these strategies invest explicitly in businesses contributing to, and benefiting from, sustainable development.
Year SRI Products or Services First Offered: Stewart Investors traces its history back to The Scottish American Investment Trust which was established in Edinburgh in 1873. The first Stewart Investors’ strategy run according to our core philosophy (taking a long-term approach to investing in high-quality companies with strong stewardship) was launched in 1988. The investment team has been managing portfolios explicitly dedicated to sustainable development since 2005.
Number of ESG/SRI Canadian Pension Fund Clients: We do not currently have any Canadian pension fund clients. Our Canadian client base is made up of family offices and foundations/ charities.
Philosophy/Style: We are long-term, equity investors with a focus on stewardship and engagement. We take a bottom-up, benchmark- agonistic approach to stock-selection. We only invest in high-quality companies that contribute to, and benefit from, sustainable development.

Contact: Anne Meloche, Head of Institutional Business
Address: 1 York St, Toronto, ON, M5J 0B6
PH: 514.347.6137
Email: [email protected]
ESG/SRI Products/Services: Integrated ESG research for all asset classes; net-zero glidepath solutions; sustainability-focused listed infrastructure
Year SRI Products or Services First Offered: 2019
Philosophy/Style: We assess a manager’s ESG approach through three key pillars: firm-wide commitment, implementation of ESG considerations in their strategy, and approach to active stewardship. These help us assess their strengths and weaknesses, and where they are on their ESG journey.

Contact: Alana Dubinski, Chief Compliance Officer & Head of ESG Strategy
Address: 25 York Street, Toronto, ON M5J 2V5
PH: 416.527.2859
Email: [email protected]
ESG/SRI Products/Services: We provide comprehensive consulting support for plan sponsors and fiduciaries on all aspects of investment and financial risk, asset mix modelling, and the full spectrum of actuarial, pension administration and pension risk transfer consulting services. Through our investment management entity, TELUS Health Investment Management, we offer discretionary portfolio management and investment advisory services through an open architecture and independent investment platform. Our ESG services include ESG research and proprietary rating of managers, ESG data reporting for plans that have or wish to integrate ESG into their investment policy, and training and education on ESG topics, amongst other services. For clients wishing to integrate sustainability into their investment portfolios, we will work with you to document your investment beliefs and implement an ESG program that is achievable and reflects your unique situation, while making sure you are equipped with tools and resources to support your governance responsibilities
Year SRI Products or Services First Offered: 2018
Philosophy/Style: We endorse environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing because it promotes the right kind of corporate behaviours. We do not believe that ESG should be considered in an asset mix solely on the basis of expected improved investment returns; rather, ESG factors can be used to better inform long-term decision-making with respect to risks and opportunities in the selection of investments and portfolio construction. TELUS Health Investment Management is a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investing (PRI). As a signatory to the PRI, we strive to develop best practices in integrating ESG considerations into our portfolio construction.

The Canada Life Assurance Company
Contact: Kristin Ramlal, Vice President, Institutional Investment Sales
Address: 60 Osborne St. N, Winnipeg, MB, R3C 1V3
PH: 888.579.3877, ext. 8060
Email: [email protected]
ESG/SRI Products/Services: Canada Life Sustainable Target Risk Funds (J.P Morgan), Canada Life Sustainable Target Date Funds (J.P Morgan), Canada Life Sustainable Global Bond Fund (J.P. Morgan), Canada Life ESG U.S. Equity Fund (J.P. Morgan), Canada Life U.S. Carbon Transition Equity Fund (J.P. Morgan), Canada Life Sustainable Global Equity Fund (J.P. Morgan), Canada Life Sustainable Emerging Markets Equity Fund (J.P. Morgan), SRI Bond (Mackenzie), SRI Canadian Equity (Mackenzie), SRI Global Equity (Setanta), SRI Balanced (Mackenzie). We can also add custom ESG and SRI mandates to our platform on request and subject to approval
Year SRI Products or Services First Offered: Canada Life Sustainable Target Risk Funds (J.P Morgan) – Nov. 2021, Canada Life Sustainable Target Date Funds (J.P Morgan) – Dec. 2021, Canada Life Sustainable Global Bond Fund (J.P. Morgan) - July 2023, Canada Life ESG U.S. Equity Fund (J.P. Morgan) – July 2023, Canada Life U.S. Carbon Transition Equity Fund (J.P. Morgan) –  July 2023, Canada Life Sustainable Global Equity Fund (J.P. Morgan) – July 2023, Canada Life Sustainable Emerging Markets Equity Fund (J.P. Morgan) – July 2023, SRI Bond (Mackenzie) – June 2015, SRI Canadian Equity (Mackenzie) – Dec. 2000, SRI Global Equity (Setanta) – June 2015, SRI Balanced (Mackenzie) – Jan. 2014
Philosophy/Style: Canada Life’s institutional investment platform gives you access to a diverse multi-manager and multi-style fund shelf. The funds are monitored by our Investment Manager Research team. The shelf allows easy fund changes under one recordkeeper and a holistic pricing banner.

Contact: Lauren Bloom, CFA, Head of Canada
Address: Suite 4240, 77 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario, M5K 1G8
PH: 416.320.7217
Email: [email protected]
ESG/SRI Products/Services: T. Rowe Price Global Impact Equity Strategy, T. Rowe Price Global Impact Credit Strategy
Year SRI Products or Services First Offered: 2020
Philosophy/Style: Our Impact investment approach is defined by its dual mandate, which simultaneously seeks both benchmark outperformance and positive environmental and social impact by investing in durable, growing businesses with measurable impact criteria. 

Anne Giroux, Vice President & Director, Institutional Distribution
Address: 1350, Boul. René-Lévesque Ouest, Bureau 501, Montréal, QC H3G 1T4
PH: 514.286.4323
Email: [email protected]
Web: global-investment solutions
ESG/SRI Products/Services: Over the last few years, TDAM has significantly expanded its sustainable fund solutions. These funds provide a more focused avenue for clients to achieve their ESG-oriented objectives. Please refer to the “Sustainable Fund Solutions” section of TDAM’s
Sustainable Investment Report 2022, available on our website, for details on each of the sustainable fund solutions launched recently: https://www. en/pdf/resource-pdf/reports/annual-reports/ Annual-sustainability-report-EN.pdf. Additionally, for institutional clients who set their own environmental objectives and targets, TDAM is able to customize solutions that can support their ESG-related investment objectives.
Year SRI Products or Services First Offered: 2020
Number of ESG/SRI Can Pension fund clients: Nine (9) Institutional ESG Clients
Philosophy/Style: Incorporating ESG factors into applicable investment strategies, including for non-ESG funds when ESG factors can have a material impact on security valuation, is compatible with our goal of seeking to provide strong risk-adjusted returns. Please see TDAM’s Sustainable Investing Approach: documents/institutional/pdf/Sustainable- Investing-Approach-EN.pdf

Contact: Nathalie Nowlan, Partner, Client Relationships
Address: 2520-900 de Maisonneuve Blvd. W., Montréal, QC, H3A 0A8
PH: 514.906.0667, ext. 247
Email: [email protected]
ESG/SRI Products/Services: Triasima currently offers the Triasima Canadian Equity Ex-Fossil Fund and the Triasima All Country World Ex-Fossil Fund. We also offer custom-made solutions for clients who wish to have their listed equities managed with formal objectives of sustainability or impact.
Year SRI Products or Services First Offered: 2016
Philosophy/Style: Our portfolio management approach is to combine three methods of analysis to add depth and perspective to traditional analysis. We believe that integrating ESG factors into stock selection and portfolio construction creates long-term opportunities to optimize risk-return and generate positive social and environmental impacts.

William Blair
Contact: Jason R. Stefanelli, Director, Head of Canada
Address: 125 High St., Ste. 1901, Boston, MA, 02110
PH: 617.784.5662
Email: [email protected]
ESG/SRI Products/Services: Global Leaders Sustainability and U.S. Equity Sustainability
Year SRI Products or Services First Offered: 2011
Philosophy/Style: William Blair has long recognized the importance of a quality-focused approach to the fundamental analysis of companies. ESG factors have a meaningful impact on a company's ability to create value over time, so our core investment philosophies and processes are naturally aligned with sustainable investing principles.