Employers must take stock as 41% of workers look for new jobs

Lack of certain benefits are deal breakers but are companies ready?

Employers must take stock as 41% of workers look for new jobs

Research from business consulting firm Robert Half says workers are optimistic about finding new jobs. And while this is good news for employers looking for talent, it’s not good news for employers who want to retain talent.

The survey says 41% of Canadian workers are either already looking or plan to look for a new job before the end of the year. Fifty-six percent of those looking for work have been with their company for two to four years.

“Although an increasing number of Canadians actively searching for a job may be good news for job seekers, it’s not necessarily good news for employers,” says Jamil Jamal, a benefits consultant with People Corporation. “Employers know the cost of attracting and retaining staff, so it is their best interest to keep good staff from leaving.”

Motivators and deal breakers

Workers exploring other employment opportunities are motivated by:

  • A higher salary (55 per cent)
  • Better benefits and perks (28 per cent)
  • Remote work options (26 per cent)

Compensation, benefits, flexible schedules, and remote work options are also the top factors professionals look for when evaluating job postings.

Employers need to think about whether they are offering benefits that will retain their top talent. Employees have evolved, especially since the pandemic, so employers need to be at the top of their game when it comes to the perks they use to attract and retain talent.

“With a fragile healthcare system, a reported decline in mental health, and more people choosing to work remotely, employers need to be proactive by upgrading and modernizing their benefit offerings,” says Jamal. “There are new options and technologies available in the benefit space that can enhance employees’ experience and make them more successful in their journey to overall wellness.

“For example, virtual care can make the journey simpler for workers and offers them more access points to specialists and pharmacists. Employers can also leverage the power of a third-party administration for its benefits. TPAs can utilize numerous insurance carriers yet offer a single interface to the employer.

“The pandemic has made us aware of the importance of good mental and physical health and employees look to their employers to help them in their journey to overall wellness. Benefits are offered to attract and retain talent, so as the needs of that talent evolves, so should the benefit programs offered to them.”