Medavie Blue Cross enhances Employee and Family Assistance Program

Benefits manager aims to empower employees with revamped program

Medavie Blue Cross enhances Employee and Family Assistance Program

In response to the evolving needs of Canadian employees, Medavie Blue Cross has introduced a fresh perspective to its Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP), empowering individuals with greater access to care.  

The revamped program, called inConfidence and powered by Inkblot Therapy, aims to offer diverse care options that can be accessed anytime and anywhere through employer-sponsored health benefit programs. 

"With the demands on health care in Canada today, people are increasingly looking to their benefit packages to support their health and wellness needs," said Catherine Biermann, Manager, Digital Product Solutions and Partnership.  

"By integrating EFAPs into an overall benefits plan design, employers can provide additional pathways to care for their employees. Taken a step further, with a digital-first EFAP approach, employees have access to more support channels and barrier-free resources for their mental health and wellness needs." 

Leveraging technology, inConfidence introduces innovative features such as self-service intake, virtual care options, and convenient scheduling opportunities. These advancements are accompanied by the continuation of traditional EFAP aspects, including in-person counseling. 

The program's key focus areas include personalized and coordinated care, early intervention, and improved access to care. It ensures continuity of coverage for members, creating a cohesive and comprehensive plan experience. Moreover, the program offers comprehensive short-term and long-term support, granting flexibility for members to choose the most suitable mode of support, whether in-person, over the phone, or virtually. 

"Often times, we hear about low utilization rates when it comes to EFAPs," said Denise Richardson, Senior Vice President of Commercial, Inkblot Therapy. 

"Through this partnership, we are focused on helping more Canadian employees get access to convenient, personalized care when and where they need it. The result? Healthy, happy employees and better health outcomes for all." 

As part of Medavie's integrated benefits approach, employees and their eligible dependents can continue receiving care from the same therapist even after transitioning from EFAP-sponsored hours to Extended Health Benefit or Health Spending Account coverage, all at reduced rates. c