Sun Life Health empowers clients to take charge of their health

New app aims to provide convenient access to live pharmacists and medication delivery

Sun Life Health empowers clients to take charge of their health

Sun Life Health has launched its new healthcare app, providing convenient access to live pharmacists and medication delivery for better health management. 

In a bid to address the alarming statistic of 50% of Canadians not taking their prescribed maintenance medications correctly, Sun Life Health has launched Lumino Health™ Pharmacy, offered through Pillway. This online pharmacy app aims to empower Sun Life Clients by providing easy access to a live pharmacist via chat or phone calls, ensuring personalized medication guidance and support. 

"Health is a top concern for Canadians and for those taking medications daily, it shouldn't be complicated. Lumino Health Pharmacy makes it effortless for our clients to take charge of their health," said Dave Jones, President, Sun Life Health. 

"Whether our clients are juggling the demands of a young family, taking care of elderly parents or working long hours – we want to make it easier to access the care they need so they can live healthier lives." 

The Lumino Health Pharmacy app offers several key benefits, including the delivery of medications right to the client's doorstep, with most orders arriving the same or next business day. The app also features personalized pre-packaging, helping individuals take the correct medications at the right time. Additionally, clients can track their medication usage, manage refills, and receive important notifications directly through the app. 

Recognizing the critical role of medication adherence and regular pharmacist interactions in maintaining overall health and well-being, Sun Life Health is committed to empowering clients and keeping them out of hospitals.  

"Our mission at Pillway is to simplify medication management and empower individuals to live their healthiest lives. With Lumino Health Pharmacy, we're revolutionizing the way people access and manage their medications, making it quick and easy," said Lak Gill, Chief Executive Officer, Pillway. 

Lumino Health Pharmacy is set to launch this summer for select Group Benefits Clients, with plans to expand the service to all clients by the end of 2023. 

"By leveraging technology, we're modernizing the pharmacy experience, and we're thrilled to partner with Sun Life to serve even more Canadians."