Canada unveils National Suicide Prevention Action Plan

Canada launches its first National Suicide Prevention Action Plan to enhance collaboration and save lives

Canada unveils National Suicide Prevention Action Plan

Approximately 4,500 people die by suicide in Canada each year, averaging about 12 deaths per day. Suicide impacts extend beyond individuals, affecting family, friends, and communities.

This significant national public health issue requires concerted action to prevent suicide and save lives.

Ya'ara Saks, minister of Mental Health and Addictions and associate minister of Health, announced the release of Canada's first National Suicide Prevention Action Plan. This Action Plan aims to enhance collaboration with partners across the country to strengthen Canada's suicide prevention efforts.

“When it comes to mental health and suicide prevention, we cannot work in isolation. We can make a greater impact and provide better support working together, as a collective, across all jurisdictions,” said Saks.

“The Action Plan will bring together key partners to advance suicide prevention and life promotion efforts so that fewer lives are lost to suicide in Canada. Together, we are here to support Canadians and provide hope when it's needed most,”

The Action Plan builds on existing initiatives like the Federal Framework for Suicide Prevention and the 9-8-8 Suicide Crisis Helpline. Over the next three years, the Action Plan focuses on:

  • Enhancing data and monitoring to identify specific gaps and needs
  • Advancing research to understand effective suicide prevention strategies
  • Ensuring effective supports and services for Canadians
  • Developing governance mechanisms for better collaboration among partners, including provinces, territories, Indigenous organizations, communities, and people with lived experience

Collaboration is crucial to preventing suicide. On March 5, Federal, Provincial, and Territorial Ministers responsible for Mental Health and Substance Use discussed the Action Plan and committed to working together on suicide prevention efforts.

Despite the complexities related to suicide, there is hope. By working together, we can strengthen suicide prevention efforts, support wellbeing, and save lives.

If you or someone you know is thinking about suicide, call or text 9-8-8 for support in English or French, available 24/7.