ADV-Care Pharmacy

ADV-Care’s mission is to improve the lives of our customers by providing a convenient and secure way to buy prescription medication at the best possible price.

ADV-Care aims to be the pharmacy of choice for people seeking a trustworthy alternative and the best value for conveniently filling prescriptions to treat their chronic conditions.

Company Overview
A group of engineers and pharmacists came together to found ADV-Care Pharmacy Inc in 1998. These pioneers saw the potential in emerging internet technology and knew it could be harnessed to provide patients with a convenient, safe way to order their medication and receive it in their own offices, homes or travel destinations.

Our History

ADV-Care Pharmacy Inc. worked to develop its first website using IBM Net.Commerce software (now known as WebSphere), a robust and proven enterprise-level platform. We created a rigorous process to authenticate patients and their prescribing physicians, as well as a fully automated and integrated front-end (website) and back-end order fulfilment process, in order to guarantee utmost safety and speed. ADV-Care is Canada’s first-ever digital pharmacy.

ADV-Care obtained its accreditation licensing from the Ontario College of pharmacists and launched its website later that year, becoming the world’s first-ever online pharmacy. ADV-Care was also the first pharmacy to publish Canadian prescription prices online, which we do to this day. This allows patients to compare the cost of their medications with that of local pharmacies.

2000 - 2001
During 2000 and 2001 the company continued developing its processes and developed a fully automated integrated front end (website) and back end filling process that guarantees the safety of filling a prescription on the internet and tracking its processing stages until medication is received by the customer.

A number of employee and private groups signed up for an exclusive service arrangement that saved their medication costs. While by this time various competitors had begun to establish online pharmacies, ADV-Care remained a leader in the field.

2003 - 2007
ADV-Care continued to expand its market and engage in continuous improvement. We implemented new patient safety features and services, such as automated refill reminders, an automatic drug interaction check for every new order, online order tracking, and even speedier processing times.

The company moved its operations to a new address as part of continuing expansion, and further expanded into wholesale business.

ADV-Care launched its app to provide cross-platform access across all devices. The ADV Care app completes our spectrum of all-device coverage, with each portal acting as a synchronized customer access point for information on our server.

ADV-Care implemented new and improved fulfilment technology for cold-chain medication such as insulin thanks to a new type of temperature-controlled and monitored packaging that keeps medication safe.

ADV-Care Pharmacy provides secured personal, confidential and comprehensive customized pharmacy services on a one-to-one basis using secured video app, Patients talk directly to our pharmacist for all their medications concerns. Medications ordered are delivered directly to patients across Canada. Registered patients have a record of previous purchases for easy re-ordering and receive transaction confirmation and reminders by phone or email. New patients can order their new prescriptions on line using our secured Mobile or website any time 24/7 from anywhere, a service only provided by ADV-Care Pharmacy. In addition to individual patient’s service, we provide pharmaceutical specialty and orphaned drugs to clinics and intermediaries across Canada in multiple languages. Also ADV-Care pharmacy continued to improve its fulfillment technology and specialized shipping of cold-chain medication such as insulin.

What We Do

  • We provide personal, confidential and comprehensive customized pharmacy services on a one-to-one basis.
  • Customers can order their medication online or by mobile, receive friendly refill-reminders, track the processing of their orders until received at their doorstep.
  • You talk directly to our pharmacist for all your medication needs using our private video.
  • We offer all prescription and specialty drugs and save money on more than 20,000 health and beauty items.
  • We bill your Canadian health insurance plan directly to reduce your out-of-pocket cost.
  • We deliver direct to you — anywhere in Ontario or to your travel destinations.
  • Canadian and Snowbirds have enjoyed our convenient service since the year 2000.
  • We have been serving employers to effectively reduce their health plan costs.

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