TELUS launches global ventures to boost market innovation

TELUS Global Ventures invests in transformative companies, enhancing its role in global technological advancements

TELUS launches global ventures to boost market innovation

TELUS has expanded its venture capital efforts with the introduction of TELUS Global Ventures, formerly known simply as its strategic investment arm.  

This rebranding underscore TELUS's ambition to establish itself as a prominent player in the international investment landscape.  

TELUS Global Ventures has established a robust portfolio, investing in over 150 companies across 10 countries and five continents, demonstrating significant growth potential and the ability to transform their respective markets.  

In 2023 alone, it engaged in 30 venture deals, deploying more than USD $175 million.   

Terry Doyle, managing partner of TELUS Global Ventures, expressed the venture's objectives, stating, “We are on a mission to invest in the best companies globally, and to make sure there is mutual value. Our portfolio companies gain more than an investor — they gain a collaborator known for turning concepts into market realities. The relationships we build with these transformational companies, in turn, helps TELUS shape and drive our business strategy."   

TELUS Global Ventures leverages the broad capabilities of its parent technology company to provide investment partners not only with capital but also a conduit to substantial market traction and growth. 

This venture arm focuses on various sectors including agriculture, health, digital customer experience, and the Internet of Things. Furthermore, it champions social entrepreneurship through the TELUS Pollinator Fund for Good, which supports startups dedicated to social and environmental change.   

Among the recent notable investments by TELUS Global Ventures and the TELUS Pollinator Fund are several innovative enterprises:   

  • Flash Forest: This Canadian reforestation company combines drone and automation technology with ecological science to rejuvenate areas devastated by wildfires. 

  • KODE Labs: Positioned as a leader in smart building innovations, this Detroit-based startup is enhancing the automation of commercial buildings, earning it comparisons to being the  
    “Salesforce of commercial building automation.” 

  • TalkLife: An international online community offering peer support for mental health discussions, TalkLife provides comprehensive, accessible, and effective mental health services globally. 

  • Waymap: This tech company delivers a pioneering navigation app designed for unparalleled accuracy and accessibility, functioning seamlessly outdoors, indoors, and in subterranean environments.