An actively managed glide path ensures a smooth landing

Absent bespoke investing advice, these customized funds may be the next best solution

An actively managed glide path ensures a smooth landing

The world of finance can be very overwhelming and planning for retirement comes with many challenges. If you’re looking to create a retirement plan that simplifies the process and is designed with your best interests in mind, TD Asset Management’s (TDAM) has the perfect solution for you. That being, Target Date Funds (TDFs).

Early in your career, higher-risk investments may seem appealing, but as retirement nears, a cautious approach is crucial. TDFs handle this for you so that you feel secure with your investments when reaching retirement. TDFs focus on providing a gradual transition into retirement that is strategic while adapting to market opportunities, providing stability, and diversification.

The key benefits of TDFs include:

  • Open ended structure for effective liquidity management.
  • Material allocation to alternative investments.
  • Regular updates to the glide path to ensure relevance in changing market conditions.
  • Active management to enhance plan member outcomes.

Having a strategy to ensure the best retirement possible is something that everyone should be striving for. TDAM’s TDFs can help you get to that goal and give you the best shot at building the retirement plan that you deserve. If you’d like to learn more, make sure to check out the full whitepaper and learn how you can start saving the right way with TD Asset Management’s TDFs.