44% of Canadians seek job satisfaction, survey says

Robert Half survey reveals many desires raises, advancement

44% of Canadians seek job satisfaction, survey says

As the arrival of spring prompts many Canadians to reassess their job satisfaction, a new survey by Robert Half, a human resources consulting firm, reveals a notable sentiment of stagnation among the workforces.  

Reported by BNN Bloomberg, the findings indicate that 44 percent of Canadian employees are discontent with their current positions, actively seeking avenues to enhance their career prospects as summer nears.   

A significant portion of respondents, 67 percent, believe that a bonus or raise would help re-energize their engagement at work. Meanwhile, 40 percent are looking for opportunities for career advancement with their current employer to inject new vigor into their professional lives.   

Beyond the desire for financial incentives and promotional opportunities, 28 percent of those surveyed highlighted the importance of training programs to acquire new skills as a catalyst for renewed job enthusiasm, according to Robert Half.   

The survey, which encompassed 609 professionals across Canada, found that 15 percent are not just contemplating a change but are actively seeking new job opportunities, underscoring a considerable restlessness within the workforce regarding their current employment situations.   

Further insights from the survey explore the career ambitions of respondents, with 32 percent aiming for a promotion and 24 percent hoping to assume greater responsibilities within their teams. This reflects a strong desire among workers to advance and expand their roles.   

In a blog post, Robert Half emphasized the intrinsic link between taking pride in one's work and overall well-being, stating, “taking pride in the work you do gives you drive to achieve and exceed goals, another quality desired by employers across all industries.” 

The post also suggested that career pivots are a feasible strategy for individuals seeking more meaningful engagement in their professional lives, noting, “Being happy and enthused about your work is key to physical, emotional, and mental well-being.” 

The methodology of this survey, conducted by an independent research firm for Robert Half, involved an online questionnaire completed by 609 Canadian professionals.