Benefits Alliance partners with Homewood Health as preferred solutions provider

Homewood Health joins Benefits Alliance, offering robust mental health and disability management solutions

Benefits Alliance partners with Homewood Health as preferred solutions provider

Benefits Alliance proudly announces the selection of Homewood Health as a new Preferred Solutions Provider.  

In Canada, disability and mental health represent multimillion-dollar challenges, with mental health emerging as the leading and fastest-growing cause of disability claims.  

With a 140-year history in the assessment and treatment of mental health and addiction disorders, Homewood Health stands as the sole provider of disability management and complex care management in Canada. 

Carolyne Eagan, president of Benefits Alliance, emphasizes the commitment to supporting plan sponsors and their members on their journey toward physical, mental, and financial wellness. “Homewood offers solutions that are very member-centric, which help support members to achieve this,” she states.  

She also highlights the importance of providing plan sponsors with clear, turn-key solutions and looks forward to the enhanced support system available to Benefits Alliance advisors and clients. 

Homewood Health will work collaboratively to assist member firms through case management and treatment pathways.  

Additionally, they will offer an advanced technology platform for case management. This platform enables employers to make online referrals easily and provides 24/7 access to real-time reporting, crucial for Return-to-Work planning and decision-making. 

“We are set to deliver nationally recognized mental health support and case management solutions tailored to meet the unique and evolving needs of our members and employer groups,” said Tiffany Doorbal-Headland and Kristy Campbell, sales directors at Homewood Health.  

They note that member firms can access their continuum of care, which supports both physical and mental health through diverse services including case management, clinical assessment, and treatment. 

Candice Follest, Treatment Consultant at Homewood Health, underscores the importance of specialized treatment programs for conditions such as depression, anxiety, trauma, substance use disorders, eating disorders, and concurrent disorders.  

“Our specialized inpatient and outpatient treatment programs broaden access to the right level of care, allowing persons to focus on what truly matters - their recovery,” she explains. 

The partnership team at Homewood believes that the success of their approach lies in its person-centred focus, recognizing everyone's unique wellness journey.  

“Both Homewood Health and Benefits Alliance share this approach and represent the best interest of the people we serve,” they conclude, affirming the shared values and goals of both organizations.