Benefits Alliance welcomes new member

The Benefit Code joins Benefits Alliance's network

Benefits Alliance welcomes new member

Benefits Alliance has announced the addition of The Benefit Code to its roster of member firms. The Benefit Code merges the conventional practices of a Benefit & Pension brokerage with a new approach to health, incorporating trends, data, and results.

“Joining BA gives us a bigger voice to help advocate and drive change in an industry that can play a role in healthier outcomes and access to care,” said Pascale Mapleston, founder and CEO of The Benefit Code.

“BA offers support in many of the key areas our firm focuses on and allows for open and productive dialogue with other key players across the country. We are very pleased to join the ranks of the other BA members across Canada.”

With a commitment to promoting healthy workplaces, The Benefit Code places an emphasis on employee benefits and workplace wellbeing. Their approach is rooted in science and data, ensuring that they address the specific needs of teams.

“I am thrilled to have Pascale Mapleston and The Benefit Code team join Benefits Alliance. Pascale is very passionate about the group industry and has built her business from the ground up with a clear vision of helping her clients and their members achieve healthy outcomes. Her innovative approach will be of great benefit to Benefits Alliance,” said Carolyne Eagan, president of Benefits Alliance.

“In turn, our member advisors and I look forward to welcoming Pascale and her team. As an organization, we are committed to the professional development of our member advisors and their teams in a very supportive and collaborative environment. Benefits Alliance is growing its membership of independent group benefits & group retirement expert advisors. We are excited to welcome Pascale and her team to our organization.”