Canadians take more vacation days but still feel deprived, report finds

Report shows Canadians take more vacations than Americans but still feel vacation deprived

Canadians take more vacation days but still feel deprived, report finds

According to Expedia's Vacation Deprivation Report, Canadians take seven more vacation days annually than their American neighbours.  

Despite this, 58 percent of Canadians feel vacation deprived, compared to 65 percent of Americans. The report, which has been analyzing global time-off trends for 24 years, highlights these findings.   

Less than half of Canadians used all their vacation days in 2023, and only a quarter have booked or taken a vacation this year. With lower rates of time-off usage in other parts of the world, North American working adults could benefit from adopting some of the time-off strategies seen in other countries.    

The report found American and Japanese workers take a similar number of days off each year (11 and 12, respectively), but Japan has the lowest vacation deprivation levels globally at 53 percent. France and Hong Kong take nearly a month off each year, while Americans use only 12 days.  

Canadians are slightly more likely to go a year or more between vacations (21 percent) compared to the global average of 18 percent.   

Canadians often hoard vacation days for emergencies, while Americans feel too busy to plan vacations. Melanie Fish, head of Expedia Group brands public relations, suggests learning from other countries to make the most of time off.  

In Japan, people take time off monthly rather than biannually. French travellers, despite taking a full month off, still feel it’s insufficient.    

Japanese workers vacation monthly, with 32 percent doing so compared to 5 percent of Canadians. They use federal holidays and school closures for short getaways, avoiding the need to use PTO. Additionally, 84 percent of Japanese prioritize rest and relaxation during trips, compared to 65 percent of Canadians.   

French respondents spread their vacation days throughout the year, with 30 percent doing so. This approach contrasts with the 20 percent of Canadians who save days for a big trip but often leave days unused. Spreading vacation days can save time, money, and reduce PTO wastage.    

Hong Kong respondents do not leave vacation days unused and often take more days off than allocated. In 2024, 15 percent vow to continue this trend, compared to 12 percent of Canadians.  

Germany, the most vacation-deprived nation at 84 percent, shows determination to use all their time off in 2024 (77 percent versus 54 percent of Canadians).   

Fish notes that 47 percent of Canadians feel overwhelmed by planning vacations. However, new tech, like Price Tracking in the app, simplifies booking, allowing members to focus on enjoying their vacation.