goHappy launches operations in Canada

Company announces its move to expand business

goHappy launches operations in Canada

goHappy, a frontline employee engagement platform in America, has announced the expansion of its operations into Canada.

“A large number of our customers have a presence in Canada and have been asking us to serve their frontline employees there, so this just makes a ton of sense to us.” said Shawn Boyer, founder and CEO of goHappy.

As a frontline employee engagement platform, goHappy uses technology, real workforce data, and a user-friendly interface to help frontline employees engage and connect with their colleagues. It collaborates with companies across multiple industries such as restaurants, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, logistics, hospitality, and senior living.

With their expansion to Canada, they aim to aid Canadian organizations in addressing their employee management needs through enhancing their employee engagement strategies. In its press release, goHappy recognized the importance of engaged frontline employees when it comes to the success of a business.

“Our goal is to help them better communicate with their frontline and get actionable feedback from them, so that they can unlock the same benefits our US customers have seen from a more engaged frontline employee team: a significant decrease in turnover, increased productivity, and increased referrals." said Boyer.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to start serving Canadian organizations and their frontline team members.” he added.