Mackenzie Investments unveils new funds

The firm rolls out three funds focusing on low volatility and Shariah-compliant investing

Mackenzie Investments unveils new funds

Mackenzie Investments, an investment management firm, has launched of three innovative investment solutions, marking a significant expansion in their offerings.  

The Mackenzie World Low Volatility ETF and the Mackenzie World Low Volatility Fund are now available to investors, while the Mackenzie Shariah Global Equity Fund is set to be accessible from February 22, 2024.  

Managed by the Mackenzie Global Quantitative Equity Team, these funds aim to provide diversified, risk-managed investment options.   

The Mackenzie World Low Volatility ETF and Fund focus on minimizing downside risk and reducing volatility in comparison to the broader market. These solutions employ a quantitative investment process involving a proprietary stock selection model.  

This approach aims to construct a risk-optimized portfolio featuring mid- to large-cap companies across various global developed markets and sectors.  

“We’re excited to offer Canadian investors a core solution that can help minimize portfolio risks associated with cyclical market volatility,” expressed Kristi Ashcroft, executive vice president of Products and Solutions at Mackenzie Investments.  

The ETF, which commenced trading on the TSX under the ticker symbol MWLV, offers investors a strategy to stay invested during market downturns by mitigating the impulse to exit the market.   

Additionally, the Mackenzie Shariah Global Equity Fund caters to investors seeking Shariah-compliant investment opportunities.  

Certified by Ratings Intelligence, a Shariah advisory firm, this fund adheres to specific ethical standards, avoiding investments in industries like alcohol, tobacco, pork-related products, weapons and defense, conventional banking, conventional insurance companies, and adult entertainment.  

It is actively managed, focusing on global market equities and undergoes semi-annual reviews by Ratings Intelligence's Shariah Advisory Board to ensure continuous compliance and certification. 

“We’re proud to offer Canadians the opportunity to align their investments with their faith and values through the Mackenzie Shariah Global Equity Fund,” stated Ashcroft, highlighting Mackenzie's commitment to providing diverse investment solutions.