Massimo Nini's strategic shift to AGA Benefit Solutions

Massimo Nini's career transformed when he joined AGA Benefit Solutions, driven by CEO Martin Papillon's leadership

Massimo Nini's strategic shift to AGA Benefit Solutions

In a leader profile by Wealth Professional, Massimo Nini delves into how his career took a significant turn when he joined AGA Benefit Solutions, influenced by his relationship with CEO Martin Papillon. 

As vice president of Consulting, Underwriting, and Actuarial, Nini leads AGA in Ontario and Western Canada. His career began in employee benefits while completing his actuarial exams to become a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries and the Canadian Institute of Actuaries.  

Initially focused on group retirement plans, he pivoted to group benefits, a decision that defined his career.   

Nini admired Papillon’s leadership and client-centric approach, which influenced his professional development.  

By 2021, Papillon and AGA’s senior vice president of Finance and Operations, Chantal Dufresne, were executing an expansion plan, including the acquisition of PPI Benefits, solidifying AGA’s market position in Quebec and expanding into Central and Western Canada.  

This expansion reconnected Nini with AGA, where he saw a unique approach to employee benefits consulting, distinct from his past experiences with other large consulting firms.   

AGA's service model combines innovative consulting, third-party administration, and payer services. They offer a comprehensive suite of services, including member management and claims adjudication for medical and dental claims.  

This unique positioning allows AGA to provide valuable insights into claim patterns and engage in strategic discussions with clients, fostering relationships beyond transactional interactions.   

Nini highlights the challenge of balancing cost with quality coverage and service, emphasizing AGA’s differentiated support for internal and external advisors.  

AGA collaborates closely with a network of external advisors, offering detailed reports, background support, and strategic meeting accompaniment. 

Personalization of benefits is crucial, especially with the evolving workforce composition and the rise of the gig economy. AGA focuses on accommodating diverse employment patterns and the lifestyle preferences of today’s workforce, including remote work.   

Nini identifies untapped potential in the Canadian SME sector, where many organizations lack group benefits. He encourages advisors to educate these organizations on the advantages of group insurance, presenting a significant opportunity within the employee benefits market.   

AGA’s growth surpasses market averages in Canada, driven by their mission of “Caring differently about people.”  

They aim to improve Canadians' health and wealth with superior experiences for plan sponsors and members, combining expert advice with multi-provider solutions delivered through advanced technology.  

AGA’s partnership with TA Associates supports their growth strategy, aiming to become the Canadian leader in employee benefits.