Who are Canada's top employers when it comes to work wellbeing?

Study revels top companies for employee happiness, purpose, satisfaction, and stress

Who are Canada's top employers when it comes to work wellbeing?

Indeed has unveiled the recipients of its inaugural ‘Better Work Awards for 2023,’ honoring the Top Companies for Work Wellbeing in the US, UK, and Canada. 

The Better Work Awards by Indeed distinguish themselves by relying on the largest study of work wellbeing globally, drawing insights from millions of employees who regularly rate and review their employers on Indeed. These evaluations cover four key indicators of work wellbeing: happiness, purpose, satisfaction, and stress. 

Survey results from the US, UK and Canada indicate that 90% of working adults consider how they feel at work to be important, and 80% value wellbeing data when evaluating a company. 

“Finding the right job today remains challenging. But what we know is that people want to work for an employer that puts them first. Indeed’s Better Work Awards winners stand out from the rest for truly prioritizing work wellbeing,” said Priscilla Koranteng, chief people officer at Indeed.  

“When employers create better work, it leads to better lives for their employees,” she added. 

The top companies for work wellbeing in Canada are as follows: 

  1. Petro Canada  
  2. TJX Canada  
  3. The Keg Steakhouse + Bar  
  4. DHL  
  5. Home Depot Canada   

“Research consistently shows that how we feel at work matters. It deeply impacts our general wellbeing, our productivity and benefits society,” said Jan-Emmanuel De Neve, director of the Wellbeing Research Centre at Oxford University.  

“For employers, the wellbeing of their workforce cannot be underestimated as Oxford research shows that those who prioritize wellbeing reap the rewards of higher productivity and improved employee retention and attraction. In turn, this leads to greater business performance.” 

“This is something we’ve now shown to be the case in both hard financial metrics as well as stock market performance.” 

The winners of Indeed's 2023 Better Work Awards were selected based on employee feedback collected between July 2, 2022, and July 1, 2023, across the four key wellbeing indicators. To be eligible for this year's award, employers must have had a minimum of 1,000 employees, with a minimum of 150 unique work wellbeing ratings in Canada.