Why do 40% of Ontarians skip travel insurance

Survey shows 23% of Ontario travelers take trips without any insurance coverage

Why do 40% of Ontarians skip travel insurance

A member survey conducted by CAA South Central Ontario (CAA SCO), as announced on Newswire Canada, has revealed a troubling lack of travel insurance preparedness among Ontarians.  

The survey found that 40 percent of members in Ontario who travel do not always purchase emergency medical travel insurance, exposing themselves to potential financial risks.  

“In a world of uncertainties, our survey highlights a critical gap in travel preparedness among Ontarians,” says Kaitlynn Furse, director of corporate communications at CAA SCO. “At CAA, we believe in empowering travellers with knowledge so they can explore confidently and securely.” 

  Additionally, the survey uncovered that nearly one-fourth (23 percent) of respondents embarked on their last trip outside the province without any travel insurance, risking substantial financial burdens in case of emergencies.  

Also, 33 percent of people who travel with insurance rely on the coverage provided by their credit cards, which raises concerns about coverage limitations, especially for individuals over 65. 

  In response to these findings, CAA SCO is initiating its inaugural CAA Travel Wise Week, aiming to educate Ontarians about the importance of travel insurance and the risks associated with inadequate coverage.  

The campaign seeks to provide insights into securing suitable protection for travel adventures.   

Orion Travel Insurance claims data reveals a 14 percent increase in the average cost of a medical claim since 2019.  

Furse highlights the significance of this trend: “Costs associated with everything from an ear infection to the use of an air ambulance have risen over the last few years due to medical inflation, underscoring the continued importance of travel insurance for life's unexpected complications.”   

As part of CAA Travel Wise Week, CAA SCO has compiled a list of the top ten tips for travel protection.  

These tips include ensuring all travel documentation is in order, staying informed about travel advisories from the Government of Canada, consulting with physicians regarding travel vaccines and medications, understanding cancellation policies, and more.  

The list also emphasizes the importance of checking limitations or restrictions on travel insurance, staying connected for up-to-date information, noting emergency contact numbers, and protecting personal identification.