KPMG in Canada unveils 2024 ESG progress with new initiatives

KPMG reduces carbon emissions by 25% and enhances inclusivity with the Disability Inclusion Action Plan

KPMG in Canada unveils 2024 ESG progress with new initiatives

KPMG in Canada has released its 2024 Our Impact Plan, highlighting progress towards its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) commitments.  

The report highlights various initiatives and the efforts of changemakers within the firm who address societal and environmental issues.   

“We've made significant strides in reducing our environmental impact, fostering an equitable and inclusive workplace, and supporting our communities,” stated Elio Luongo, CEO, and senior partner at KPMG in Canada. 

“However, there's still more work to be done. Transparency and accountability in reporting our progress are crucial so our stakeholders understand our commitment and our path to achieving our goals.”   

KPMG in Canada has driven purposeful change across several key pillars:   

Planet: KPMG has taken meaningful action on climate change and environmental challenges. The firm aims to achieve net-zero emissions by 2030 and has reduced carbon emissions by 25 percent since the 2022 fiscal year.  

KPMG continues to power its offices with 100 percent renewable electricity through renewable energy certificates purchased in the 2023 fiscal year.  

Additionally, the firm has launched an internal carbon price (ICP) funded by its business units based on their operational and real estate emissions. This fund supports initiatives that engage employees and advance the firm’s decarbonization strategy.   

People: KPMG is committed to Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (ID&E), empowering employees to be their authentic selves. The firm launched the Disability Inclusion Action Plan to enhance its inclusive and equitable workplace.  

Input from community collaborators and the firm's Disability Inclusion and Special Family & Friends Networks helped develop this plan.  

These networks, part of the firm's 35 networks with over 5,000 members, play a crucial role in shaping organizational priorities through allyship, education, and amplifying lived experiences. KPMG continues to champion representation and inclusion across corporate Canada.   

Prosperity: As a part of its corporate citizenship, KPMG supports communities and society. Over the past year, the firm contributed $12m and 46,835 volunteer hours to communities across Canada.  

KPMG has also committed $250,000 over five years to the University of Alberta to develop programs that will enhance equitable access to jobs, training, and education for Indigenous business students.   

Governance: KPMG aims to inspire confidence and empower change through good governance practices aligned with core values.  

The firm's global ethical decision-making framework, CARE (Consider, Assess, Respond, Evolve), created in 2023, guides ethical decision-making and supports the firm's purpose, values, and Code of Conduct, all focused on building and reinforcing trust.   

Caroline Harvey, managing director of Corporate Affairs and Impact Leader at KPMG in Canada, emphasized, “Building a sustainable future is a collective responsibility. We can't leave environmental challenges and social issues for future generations to solve. As an organization deeply connected to businesses and communities across Canada, our stakeholders expect us to make a meaningful impact.”