A Foundation for Infrastructure – Real Assets Require Real Understanding

Date: Thursday, March 9, 2023 

Infrastructure is one of the largest components in pension plan allocation to Alternative asset classes. As a Real Asset, it provides a long lifecycle which aligns nicely with pension liabilities and also provides predictable cash flows, fulfilling present and future needs.

Infrastructure, accessed through direct investment in physical assets, also smooths performance reporting because it does not mark-to-market. But direct investment in physical infrastructure may pose significant operational constraints because it is illiquid and its capacity highly constrained, leading to significant placement delays and consequent tracking errors.

Our panelists will discuss how publicly-listed infrastructure equities can replicate many of the positive attributes found through direct investment in infrastructure, but without the operational impediments:

  • The differences between Broad, Core and Pure-play infrastructure assets;
  • The way public Pure-play infrastructure assets resemble physical infrastructure assets;
  • Market depth and tradability;
  • Valuations and Yields

Please join us for an interesting discussion on a vital asset class.

Chris Flynn, CFA, Head, Product Development, CEM Benchmarking, Inc.
Rupert Watts, CFA, CAIA, Senior Director, Strategy Indices, S&P Dow Jones Indices 
Vishal Bhatia, Director & Portfolio Manager, BMO Exchange Traded Funds

Mark Webster, Director, Institutional & Advisory, BMO Exchange Traded Funds

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