Building Blocks of an Impact Investment Strategy

Date: Thursday, March 23, 2023

The role of impact investment strategies in the race to a net-zero world have increased in importance over the last decade. As pension plans and asset owners look to make a difference through their holdings, such strategies are starting to provide them with the tools to do so on top of providing them with long-term returns for their investment goals.

An impact investment strategy invests in solution-driven holdings that are intentional in tackling the negative environmental and social causes from a depletive economic model to a sustainable economic model.

During this fireside-chat, we will talk to the building blocks of putting together an impact investment strategy using an existing impact investment strategy as an example. We will go over the intentionality of such a strategy, the measurability of its impact, and its place in an asset class lineup.

Will Benton, CFA, VP & Portfolio Manager, NEI Investments
Harrison Shea, CFA, Portfolio Specialist, Impax Asset Management

Tasos Dimitriou, Director, Institutional Sales, NEI Investments

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