Getting to Net Zero Emissions: What Will it Take and How Will We Get There?

Date: Thursday, September 15, 2022

Reducing global greenhouse gas emissions has become the existential call to action of the 21st century. Governments and organizations from around the world have established targets to achieve net zero emissions before mid-century – but what will be required to achieve this societal transition to a low carbon economy?

In this webinar, we will seek to share insight as to how leading jurisdictions, like the United Kingdom, are mitigating emissions and the implications to business. We will identify practical fundamentals in developing decarbonization pathways and roadmaps. And finally, we will cover real estate specific challenges (i.e. limitations of landlord control, working with diverse tenant stakeholder groups etc.) related to carbon reduction.

Jessica Pilz, Global Head of ESG, Fiera Real Estate
Jag Singh, Director, ESG, Fiera Real Estate
Tony Pringle, Principal and Co-founder, Quinn and Partners
Eric Chisholm, Principal P.Eng, Purpose

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