Keep it fresh - It’s time to change the way you build your fund lineup

Date: Tuesday, December 6, 2022 

The markets are changing faster than the latest TikTok challenge, COVID variants and global climates combined. And it’s the right time to consider more than just fund performance when it comes to your fund lineup.

In an environment of market volatility, making decisions on performance-only accountabilities just won’t cut it anymore.

This session will tell you what strategies, approaches and accountabilities go into creating a modern, relevant and competitive fund lineup. Yes, you can have it all and you don't need to hide from the challenge of diverse member needs. We'll even show you how to embrace it. 
Key topics:

  1. Fundamental investment principles: the basics are beautiful, not boring! 
  2. Product development – picking the best mix for your members.
  3. Don’t commoditize fund manager selection and monitoring, make it your advantage

Craig Christie, Vice-President, Group Retirement Savings & Investments, Canada Life 
Vathsala Martin, Director, Product Development, Wealth Solutions Product Development, Canada Life 
Tyler Wiley, Assistant Vice-President, Investment Funds Wealth Solutions, Investment Management and Research, Canada Life

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