Pension Risk Strategies (Virtual Event)

Date: Thursday, September 8, 2022

Join us to hear expert speakers from Mercer (Canada) Limited and Newton Investment Management as they share their knowledge and insights on these important topics!


Raising Your Sustainability Ambition: Shaping the Future for Businesses and Employees

Today, sustainable investing is about much more than just “avoiding” stocks that are a risk from an environmental, social, and governance perspective. Organizations are focusing on their purpose, values and defining sustainability objectives in all aspects of their business. Sustainability is becoming increasingly critical to the success and resilience of Canadian businesses, including how workplace retirement plans are managed. Organizations want to learn more as demand from employees challenges traditional methods of communication and the need for improved financial literacy. With this in mind, where is your organization on the sustainability ambition spectrum? Join this session to discover new approaches your organization can leverage to manage its workplace retirement plans sustainably and meet the evolving needs of employees.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how your organization can achieve its investment objectives and raise its sustainability ambition.
  • Assess where your organization falls on the sustainability ambition spectrum.
  • Discover approaches your organization can adopt to implement sustainable investment practices that, steward capital sustainably and enhance the employee value proposition.

Speaker: Bonnie Foley-Wong, CPA, CA, CFA, Sustainable Investment Leader, Mercer Canada

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There are two sides to every coin – ESG issues and sustainability are no different

In our opinion, sustainable investing is at a transformational point. ESG integration and sustainably-focused strategies may be becoming mainstream, but economic and geopolitical events mean there is little consensus around how they should be implemented. While climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic have shone a light on the importance of ESG considerations and sustainability in areas such as climate, biodiversity and social impact, developments in other areas – including the complexities of the energy transition, the Russia/Ukraine war, political positioning and inflation – have stirred considerable debate among institutional investors, many of whom remain beholden to their short, medium and long-term liabilities.  Join this session as we discuss the continued importance of sustainable portfolios (both over the short term and the long term). We’ll explain why we believe sustainable business models and portfolios should deliver dual outcomes of sound financial returns and improved social and environmental consequences, which ultimately match the requirements of institutional investors, and we’ll consider the importance of emerging markets (and the opportunities therein) in the net-zero transition.

Speaker: Julianne McHugh, Head of Sustainable Equities, Newton Investment Management

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Ending with a panel discussion and the presenters addressing live audience questions.


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