Majority of industry leaders seek streamlined employee benefits

Managers are looking to virtual specialty care to meet employee needs

Majority of industry leaders seek streamlined employee benefits

In a recent study conducted by Summus Global, HR and benefits leaders from various companies were surveyed to gain insights into employer-provided benefits, virtual specialty care, and existing gaps in employee healthcare benefits.

The survey found that 74% of benefits leaders are actively seeking ways to streamline and consolidate employee benefits, with a focus on enhancing employee recruitment, engagement, and productivity within the coming year.

The majority (86%) of employees benefiting from these offerings reported being satisfied with their current health and medical benefits. However, many expressed feeling overwhelmed by the selection of 50 narrow, condition-specific solutions.

“When employees have too many options that are not integrated, they just don’t use them,” said Julian Flannery, CEO of Summus Global.

“Consolidating into a broad, integrated platform that provides high quality access to leading specialist expertise across any health question helps employees get the personalized longitudinal support they need to make good decisions that result in better health outcomes.”

The importance of offering compelling health and medical benefits to employees is evident in attracting and retaining top talent. Yet, the challenge lies in selecting from the vast array of available solutions.

To address this, leaders are seeking solutions that cover a broad range of conditions, provide high-quality care, and cater to unique health concerns, all of which contribute to improved employee satisfaction and better health outcomes.

Despite the demand for such solutions, the survey revealed that most employees, as well as their families, still lack access to specialty care. 35% of the leaders surveyed do not offer virtual specialty care at all. Among those that do, less than half expressed satisfaction with the quality, selection, or cost of such care.

Additionally, more than a third of benefits leaders believe that virtual specialty care could be the answer to addressing employee needs and expectations.

“As the virtual front door to high quality specialty care, Summus supports employees in using their healthcare benefits more effectively, improving their experience, and building a healthier and more productive workforce while driving material cost savings for employers,” Flannery said.