iA Financial Group launches Symbiosis

The new program allows plan sponsors to combine group insurance and retirement savings plans

iA Financial Group launches Symbiosis

To provide a complete and streamlined experience to its clients, iA Financial launched its new program, Symbiosis, which allows plan sponsors to bring their group insurance and group retirement savings plans together under the same partner. According to iA, Symbiosis is the company’s answer to the call to provide a comprehensive and unique solution for clients, particularly for the simplification of benefit provision for retirees.

“There's been a trend emerging lately, [that] more and more organizations are looking to combine all their employee benefits under the same provider,” said iA vice president – client experience, marketing and products, group benefits, and retirement solutions Janie Bilodeau. “Until recently, they've been faced with a morass of fragmented and ill-adapted solutions. Those days are now over. iA is proud to become the first player in Canada to offer a fully integrated solution.”

Clients to get more benefits with Symbiosis

This comprehensive program, according to iA, has distinctive benefits for both plan sponsors and plan members.

For Plan Sponsors, here are the benefits that they can get from Symbiosis:

  • A dedicated communications and education team: The program provides plan sponsors with an integrated and engaging strategy developed by seasoned professionals to help educate plan members about their plan and support their total well-being
  • Competitive pricing and a Symbiosis allowance: There will be a lump sum that can be used to add complementary products and services, such as a wellness account or telemedicine
  • "Elite" service: A single resource person to handle every group plan need, plus access to all iA products and services, no matter the size of the group.
  • Hassle-free implementation: A thorough and optimized process to ensure seamless plan transfer to iA
  • Streamlined administration: An overview of every plan via effective and flexible management tools, and access to a data-sharing solution

For Plan Members:

  • An enhanced experience: All employee benefits will become available on a single platform
  • A 360° view of total well-being: Symbiosis provides plan members a list of exclusive activities and content (a variety of information sessions, webinars, and digital content)
  • The program also provides members with personalized advice and services focused on long-term financial well-being

"With Symbiosis, iA becomes a top-tier strategic business partner," Bilodeau adds. "Plan sponsors benefit from an integrated, customizable solution and streamlined administration, allowing them to further shift their focus to value-added tasks. And plan members benefit from an enhanced experience rooted in supporting their physical, mental, and financial health."