Orchard Benefits joins Benefits Alliance

What does the new member firm do?

Orchard Benefits joins Benefits Alliance

Benefits Alliance has announced Orchard Benefits as a newly selected member firm. Orchard Benefits specializes in aiding startups and rapidly expanding businesses in securing appropriate benefits coverage that aligns with their financial plans and workforce requirements. 

Orchard Benefits' focus extends to Canadian and global tech companies with staff numbers ranging from 2 to 1000 employees. Drawing on internally generated benchmarking data and expertise, the firm assists startups in identifying the necessary coverage to effectively compete against peers of similar size and funding. 

“I am very excited to welcome Chris Gory of Orchard Benefits to Benefits Alliance,” said Carolyne Eagan, president of Benefits Alliance. “I am in awe of what Chris has accomplished with his track record of growth and presence in our industry as a solo practice and with a national scope. With Chris’ background in the technology sector, he has built a very specialized group practice in this field.” 

“It is clear to me that Chris leads the way when it comes to leveraging technology and tools. This, combined with his very personal and engaged manner of dialogue with clients, suppliers, and industry stakeholders makes Chris truly a gem in this field. We are aligned with our future direction of growth, advocacy and community of sharing and I am excited that we may help each other drive success and make a difference in this industry,” she said.  

“After nearly 30 years in the insurance industry and 17 years working directly in employee benefits, 15 of which have been with tech companies and their benefits coverage, there is still so much to learn from, and give back to, this industry,” said Chris Gory, president of Orchard Benefits.  

“Joining Benefits Alliance allows me to do both. It allows me to learn from advisors who have years of experience, and who look at things in a different and fresh way. It also allows me to share with other advisors my knowledge and love for technology.” 

“No one advisor or advisory firm can know everything or have experienced everything. The years of expertise that Benefits Alliance members have will be incredibly valuable to help the future and growth of Orchard Benefits,” he said.